The Review: October

Last week Chris spoke at Techstars Startup Week in Shoreditch alongside lots of other inspiring innovators, the event was held by our friends at Rocket Studio. Chris ran through our 9 key steps to developing your brand –  with Chris to find out more.

Shout out to our amazing client, The Finance Department, who have just gone live with their cutting edge finance platform. They came to us with the ambition to change the way business owners access valuable content for good. Check out our work with them here.

Our top tips

Alex (Strategist & Copywriter @ LoveGunn)  is the latest team member to share their thoughts on all things books, podcasts, TV, events, and exhibitions.

Book: Into The Woods by John Yorke

A front cover that makes a claim as ambitious as ‘how stories work and why we tell them’ was always going to stand out on the shelf of a second-rate bookshop in Ipswich. I only discovered after a quick Google that it’s considered the leading UK text on narrative structure (my university professor would be so proud).

Despite reading books to develop my writing, I never read books about writing. I knew this book would help with my scriptwriting, but didn’t expect it to influence my day-to-day copywriting too.

Ultimately, it sets out to prove that all stories follow the same blueprint – because the human brain, no matter who you are or where you come from, has an innate need to decode the world in a way that makes sense.

Podcast: Who We Be

Anything featuring Harry Pinero is a yes from me. Primarily a music podcast, these hosts and their guests give a great insight into black culture through the lens of hip-hop, afrobeats and dancehall music, but also make space for important conversations around race. Listen and learn.

TV Series: Mare of Easttown

Confession: I never really rated Kate Winslet. Until now.

Taking a really tired trope (small town, disgruntled sheriff, creepy crime that shakes the foundations of a community) and still managing to make it a hit is a triumph of writing. I’ve yet to meet a person who didn’t love it.

Event: FourCorner Club

A friend of mine recently launched the UK’s first outdoor chess community, so I checked it out in St. John’s Square last Saturday. Despite being rubbish at chess, it’s a really inclusive environment – and you can always find someone equally good (or equally shit) to practice with.

10/10 would recommend! @fourcornerclub

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