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As part of the rebrand, we created a tone of voice booklet for their teams to refer to to boost consistency across the company. We had a great time at their HQ in Newcastle getting to know the different teams and working with them on the new tone of voice guide across various workshops.

Check out their new brand and their Instagram for printing press ASMR.

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Low shelf-esteemHow brands can innovate in the fast-growing category of vegan, veggie and free-from, to gain shelf presence.

The different kinds of rebrand & what they mean for your business. A brand distinguishes a business from its competitors, brings its mission to life and pushes its products into the limelight.

NFT series:

What do NFTs mean for brands?: NFTs are establishing themselves as a complex and misunderstood buzzword whilst creating a completely new industry. Check out our top uses and predictions for 2022.

How are brands using NFTs and how can you get started?: Check out our top five early NFT-adopters who should be on your radar.


Paul Doleman (Non-Executive Director @ LoveGunn) is the latest team member to share his top tips on what he’s been watching, reading and listening to this month.

Series: Outer Range

OK, I’ve only watched 3 episodes so far, but I do like this Family Drama / Supernatural series. The expansive Wyoming scenery in UHD, the family struggles, strong performances and drama woven into some supernatural (LOST like) mystery more than make up for the multiple sub-plots and the shows slow moving nature. Worth giving it a couple of episodes – you may get hooked like me.

Podcast: 1619

I’ve long been fascinated with American history and recently discovered 1619. A podcast the marks the 400 th anniversary of the start of slavery in the US. Covering the economy that slavery built, the birth of American Music, that fight for democracy, civil rights and more. This New York Times podcast is well worth a listen.

Event: Lucca Summer Festival

The last time I went here was in 2019 to see Elbow and New Order in an amazing, intimate setting. I’m going again in July and can’t wait to revisit the beautiful renaissance architecture, intimate Lucca squares, enjoy the fabulous atmosphere and superb food and pay a mere €30 to see Liam Gallagher and Kasabian on the same balmy, Tuscan evening – perfect!

Book: A Hero’s Journey, by Joseph Campbell

George Lucas and Bob Dylan are amongst his admirers and this seminal work has profoundly influenced authors, songwriters, filmmakers and more. If Dan Nelken’s Copywriting Guide piqued your interest, then you may be ready for Campbell’s blend of psychology and his comparative exploration of mythology. Whilst the 70-year-old
language requires some effort to access – the discovery of the similarities behind religion, ritual and ancient myth – a path shared by any story we have ever told and the pattern for successful storytelling today is fascinating.

A primordial, seemingly innate, connection between the world and the human mind.

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