How Channel 4 are utilising TikTok as the Paralympics hub

Approximately 15% of the global population (1.2 billion people) are disabled–making up the world’s largest minority group making it extremely ‘ordinary’. How has digital engagement been utilised to bring new audiences to The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics? Channel 4’s insight-driven media strategy has played a considerable role in bringing disability into the mainstream through fun and engaging campaigns.


Since gaining the broadcasting right to The Paralympics, Channel 4 have created some of the most memorable and impactful sporting campaigns to date and this summer they delivered again for Tokyo 2020 with the Super Human video. 

Alongside their campaigns, they have increased the TV coverage to three times the amount the BBC managed with its Olympic coverage, partnered with TikTok to make watching sports more accessible, and committed to inclusivity where over 70% of the Channel 4 presenting team for the Paralympics will be disabled.


This summer, TikTok established itself as the go-to hub for live sporting content – from Euros 2020 to The Olympics. TikTok’s short-form video has brought fans closer to the action; this summer’s star athletes include 17-year-old Anastasia Pagonis, who utilises the platform to poke fun at the thoughtless questions she’s asked about her blindness and BTS clips from The Paralympics.

The Channel 4 & TikTiok partnership is on track to make The Paralympics the ‘most accessible games ever’. The dedication to TikTok is paying off for @channel4 who have received over 23 million views since March this year. ‘TikTok users have already viewed content with the #Paralympics hashtag 443 million times, while the #disabilityawareness hashtag has amassed almost half a billion views.’

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