10 Questions with LoveGunn Designer, Tim Brown

Meet LoveGunn’s newest recruit – Tim Brown, Middleweight Designer…


What’s your nickname?

Browny or Bear


Who’s your celebrity lookalike?

Apparently I look like LoveGunn’s very own Chris Gunn


Would you rather have legs made of jelly or fingers made of sausages?

Legs of jelly, fingers are vital


Fave podcast and/or tv series at the moment and why?

Podcast – Inspired Unemployed (bloody good laugh, not academical what so ever)


What was your most player song on Spotify Wrapped?

Booster Seat – Spacey Jane


Dream travel destination?



Any party tricks? 

Gotto be karaoke!


Give us an interesting fact about yourself?

Apparently I didn’t want to speak till I was 2. So am making up for lost time now


What’s your fave thing about being a designer?

Seeing your work out on the streets, telly etc


What would be your final ever meal?

Starter – Prosciutto & Melon
Main – Mums’ Chicken Casserole
Dessert – The Cake off Matilda


Welcome to the team, Tim 👋

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