10 Questions to ask yourself about your brand before a brand workshop

To get the most out of a brand workshop, it always helps to ask yourself why you’re doing it in the first place. Are you struggling to decipher the difference between brand and business? Are you seeking out a new audience that you have no idea how to talk to?

Before hosting a brand workshop, we ask our clients 10 questions about their brand. It allows you to take a step back, and allows us to get a panoramic view of your current positioning, challenges, opportunities, and depiction of success – before you’ve even entered the building.

Whether you’re looking to rebrand, or looking to turn a business idea into a brand, we’re sharing our 10 Key Questions worksheet to help get you started.

1. In three sentences, tell us your business’ ‘elevator pitch’?

    • For example, does your business solve an everyday problem?

    • Is it disrupting an industry? How?

    • Why do you believe in your product?

2. Why did you start your business?

    • What planted the seed?

    • What did you feel was unique about your idea?

3. What are your proudest achievements since starting up?

    • What’s the nicest thing someone’s said about your brand?

    • Did you make a comeback from rock bottom?

    • Any KPI’s you’ve blown out the water?

4. Who is your audience/target market?

    • There are two things to consider here: who makes up your existing fanbase, and who do you hope to convert?

    • Don’t hold back. We want their age, gender, religious beliefs, what they eat for breakfast. Anything you know will help us plug into their habits. 

5. Who are your competitors (if any)?

    • From the brands you’re doing slightly better than, to brands you hope to be like when you grow up. 

6. What brands do you look up to inside/outside your sector?

    • Your biggest sources of inspiration don’t have to be anything like you. Whose brand personality resonates with you?

    • Think campaigns, tone of voice, and brands redefining their category. 

7. What are the existing pain points for your brand?

    • Do you struggle to identify yourself?

    • Has your rate of growth plateaued?

    • Is your brand messaging consistent and coherent?

8. What does success look like for your business?

    • Being big on TikTok? Securing the majority market share? Exporting to foreign territories?

9. Where do you see your business being in 1, 2 & 5 years?

    • How would you want to write your story?

10. If your business was a _____ what/who would it be?

    • Superhero

    • Celebrity 

    • Brand of car


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