The Review: November

It’s NDAvember for team LG – we’ve been running around working with a bunch of exciting new clients… We wish we could share the goss, but all will be revealed soon.

Shout out to our amazing client, The Finance Department, who have just gone LIVE – check out their new digital platform! They’ve even just launched a ‘listen’ page for their hub of podcasts – just in time for Christmas.

Alex (Strategist & Copywriter @ LoveGunn) has only gone and written a short film! Starlings is a story about Jack, an elderly man who sets out to remove unwanted visitors from his garden. It’s directed by Simon Allen (directorial debut) and will be screened at London Short Film Festival, January 2022.

Our top tips

Tom (Creative Director & Co-Founder @ LoveGunn) is the latest team member to share their thoughts on all things books, podcasts, TV, events, and exhibitions.

TV Series: Billions

I’m a real series binger so when the latest season of Succession was announced I knew I couldn’t wait each week for a new episode so I looked to get my toxic masculine billionaire fix elsewhere.

Billions and its main character (Bobby Axelrod) is loosely based on real-life Hedge Fund owner Steven A. Cohen and his fund S.A.C Capital Advisors. It’s a fantastic 5 season long cat and mouse chase between a powerful Billionaire and the United States Attorneys trying to put him down for all manner of aggressive and slightly illegal financial dealings.

Podcast: Wind of Change

What gets me in the zone when I’m working? An 80’s power ballad or classic rock anthem will normally do the trick. This is where this 8 part podcast series starts. It’s a wonderful investigative journey into a conspiracy theory that ‘Wind of Change’ By Scorpions was actually written by the CIA to bring about the end of the Soviet Union. During the journey you learn just how powerful this song was in changing the outlook and minds of young men and women growing up under Soviet rule and it leaves you thinking… Was it really written by the CIA?

Book: The 52 Book Challenge

So instead of reviewing a book, I wanted to spread the word about a really interesting book reading challenge. Last year I tried to read a book a week but it slowly tailed off as I found myself picking similar books around similar subjects.

The 52 Book challenge: to read 52 books in 52 weeks gives you a framework and rules for picking each week’s book. It starts on 1st Jan 2022, so I’m spending December planning my 52 books. Will you join the challenge?

Event: 180 Strand

Being time-poor and really bad at organising, having to book time slots to go to galleries has really put me off. But one gallery I’m determined to get to this month is 180 Strand to see three incredibly different exhibitions; Lux, Traplord and The French Dispatch. Having been starved for so long, as a team, we’re encouraging each other to get back out and explore and drink up everything cultural London has to offer so for me it’s a quick hop over the river to be inspired.

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