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FIVE whole years – how did that happen?!

A MASSIVE thank you to all of our team, clients, partners and friends for the most amazing 5 years. These past 12 months have been our most successful yet (we were genuinely planning on having a big party to celebrate but we got too busy!) – long may it continue and bring on the next 5 years.

Chris & Tom x

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Ten Questions

10 questions with Laura Wynn-Owen, LoveGunn’s new Senior Designer:

1. How did you get into design?

My route to design was a little unconventional. I started my career as a receptionist without any formal design training almost 12 years ago. I fell into PR and finance but nothing stuck until I started helping the designers and teaching myself the art through YouTube. When I returned to work from mat-leave I was offered a new role as a designer 6 years ago – I’ve since done short courses and learned on the job.

2. Your dream brand to work on?

Patagonia is nailing it – I have huge admiration for brands getting it right across the board. The brand I’d most love to get my hands on is Greggs. I’d love to rebrand them and align their brand as it’s currently lacking personality and consistency across comms. It’s unclear what Greggs is if you didn’t already know.

3. Fun fact about yourself?

I’m fluent in Aglanguage. My husband and I used to use it to talk about the kids but they started catching on so unfortunately suggesting ice cream in front of them without them knowing is no longer possible. It’s basically putting an ‘ag’ after the first vowel in a word – sago lagike thagis (so like this). 

4. If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Burritos – ideally from Chipotle.

5. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Avid watcher of Harry styles clips on YouTube.

6. Would you rather have a permanent 7ft top hat or constantly be followed by a gaggle of geese?

Followed by geese – I reckon it’d be quite cute.

7. Book recommendation? 

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. Delia (The author) and her husband were actually connected to a real-life murder in 1995 – the book is gripping with great storytelling.

8. Series recommendation? 

Formula 1: Drive to Survive is great. It’s the perfect balance between a documentary and reality TV.

9. Podcast recommendation? 

99% invisible by Roman Mars. It’s the exploration of the process and power of design and architecture. 

10. Event recommendation?

I love the Hampstead swimming ponds, if you haven’t been I’d highly recommend a dip. Football: Designing the Beautiful Game at the Design Museum is at the top of our list as the boys would love it.

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