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Islamic Finance Guru (IFG) want to get Muslim wealth working harder for individuals and the community by offering innovative financial products and access to in-depth knowledge. To empower a new generation of entrepreneurial Muslims, we created an accessible and approachable identity. Check out our work with them here. are experts at bringing brilliant ideas to life. The new identity builds on the brand’s vision of making it real. Check out the art direction & photography for the #LetsMakeItReal campaign here.

New Clients

Elkstone: We are thrilled to announce our latest client is Ireland’s leading Multi-Family Office. They offer high-net-worth individuals unique alternative investment opportunities, with a special focus on Venture.

AWAKE: An innovative subscription platform providing coaching to high-performing individuals looking to fulfil their potential. Their membership offers access to live group therapy, coaching & philosophy classes, and more.

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Brand, Marketing & Comms Strategy: What’s The Difference? Can you confidently say you know the difference? If not, we’re here to save the day with some important distinctions *that your boss will never know you read.

Direct to you: How D2C brands are bossing authenticity. Authentic brands close the gap between brand identity and brand behaviour – in a world where authenticity is becoming more and more unfakeable, a sound marketing strategy is key to getting a D2C brand off the ground.

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Exciting news…
We’re on the hunt for a Freelance Brand Strategist and Copywriter 👀
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Ten Questions

10 questions with Tom Love, Creative Director & Co-Founder of LoveGunn:

1. How did you get into design? 

From an early age I always wanted to be a designer of some sort. I started out wanting to be a car designer, which led to work placements at car garages to understand how cars are built, but after a tank of oil drained onto my head, I decided to look for an alternative. I’m pretty head-strong so decided to leave school after GCSEs to study Graphic Design at a College. My passion and love for design has just grown from there, through uni and into agency life over my career before focusing on Branding which is how LoveGunn was born.

2. Your dream brand to work on?

The obvious answers would be Nike, Man Utd and Porsche, but a DREAM client would be one with a real problem to solve. Without getting too far into politics, I think Lewisham Council would be my dream client right now. It’s such an exciting and diverse Borough (I live in Catford) and yet the Lewisham brand just doesn’t give the community the justice it deserves in terms of an identity that reflects the people, businesses and activities that make the area so great.

3. Fun fact about yourself?

I’m about to become an Austrian Citizen

4. If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Sushi for sure

5. What’s your guilty pleasure?

I’m afraid to admit it, but switching off from work by binge playing FIFA has got to be the one I feel most guilty for.

6. Perfect house in a bad location or an awful house in a perfect one? 

Awful house in a perfect location. You can always change the way your house looks but you can’t change the setting, community and people you live around.

7. Book recommendation? 

I started the year with a 52 books in 52 weeks challenge but my reading has really dropped off. I’m currently reading Kleptopia which is particularly topical at this time.

8. Series recommendation? 

WeCrashed on AppleTV – It’s the story of WeWork, which is where LoveGunn started out. It’s such a good dramatisation of how it all went wrong.

9. Podcast recommendation? 

Batman Unburied – it’s a really unusual take on the Batman story

10. Event recommendation?

What’s caught my eye and I’ll be buying tickets to is Break The News at the British Library. It’s an exhibition that explores five centuries of British news coverage from Jack the Ripper to Grenfell Tower.

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