Tackling the spread of fake news and disinformation about COVID-19

In a public health crisis, the disinformation we see everyday about COVID-19 can spread just as far and fast as the real thing.

Yet this can also harm you and those that you love. That’s why we decided we have to fight back. Much of this disinformation exists in private channels that many people have access to, but not everyone can see.

So, in partnership with MP Damian Collins, Iconic Labs and a team of expert supporters – we’ve launched Infotagion https://infotagion.com

Our plan is to tackle the myths and false information being spread surrounding the virus. The aim is to intercept any content that may be incorrect, and fact check it, before the content reaches a mass audience and causes unnecessary anxiety.

We’ve created a traffic light system to advise the public which social posts, news and updates they should and shouldn’t share. The website launched on Monday 30th March and we’ll be working continuously with the wider team to help tackle the spread of disinformation and ensure the public are aware of the facts surrounding the outbreak of COVID-19.

This is just the beginning for us, we want to use our skill set in any way we can to make sure we are making positive change during this testing time. If you want to get involved with Infotagion or have any other projects you want to discuss, then please get in touch!

Get in touch [email protected]

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