Gathering audience intel the LoveGunn way

When we’re doing what we do best, we’re not just thinking about how to win your brand fans – we’re thinking about how to keep them.

The research and insights stage of our process alerts us to every opportunity guaranteed to give your brand a leg up over the competition, and connect with real people beyond their screens.

Here’s how we go about finding those enlightened insights:


After kicking off with our infamous brand workshops, we’re armed with your side of the story – challenges, competitive set, influences and ambitions. We take that and apply it to the rest of the market, getting under the skin of competition both inside and outside of your sector. From direct competitors, we look at what we can learn from where they show up, what they do well, and what they don’t – so we can begin to carve out a space for you amongst them. Thinking laterally across outer-category brands, we research those getting it right, then pick apart why.

Too often agencies get caught up in the rat race, and forget to focus on their customers as individuals. But if you get this right, it’s the best collateral for strategy and creative that will cut through. We investigate what they do, where they shop, how they weekend, what their home screen looks like – whether they’re a homebody or a life and soul. With this intel, we can start to build a brand that will have genuine meaning in their lives.

Social listening

Who knew listening was the perfect way to drown out the noise?

Unless you can be everywhere at once (with supersonic eavesdropping skills) you’d benefit from a social listening tool that gathers and disseminates data better than you ever could.

We tune in to real-time conversations across different social platforms to see what chatter is gaining traction where. Plugging your brand in and monitoring it over the course of a month, we get to golden nugget insights about your customers, competitors and relevant topics through real life sentiments and attitudes.

Trends & insights

This is where we connect the dots from social listening to uncover something new and useful for your brand. We keep our fingers on the pulse with what’s #trending throughout the year, so we’re never taking off from a standing start.

We look inside and outside of your sector to truly understand what’s making people tick and why. It could be affected by politics, the weather, a sudden surge in the housing market. Once something is considered a ‘trend’, it’s basically been and gone – what can tell us more, is what’s coming next. We look into the trends shaping customer insights, rational and irrational drivers of behaviour, and what we can take from it. Less about the ‘trend’, and more about changes in mindset. This research becomes your cultural understanding of the world, to identify strategic growth opportunities and pinpoint where your customers’ loyalty will lie.

Market research

There’s no point coming up with a sexy, strategically-sound campaign if it’s totally lost on your audience. Testing out all of the above with in-person workshops and surveys can be a resounding confirmation of your hypotheses, or a much-needed reality check – and both outcomes are equally useful in shaping your next move.

We’ll spend time asking your target market all the right questions about what they like, what’s missing in their day to day lives, and what they’d like to see from us. This final stage is crucial to avoid a throwing-at-the-wall-to-see-what-sticks approach to branding, giving ideas their best chance at success with the bullseye demographic.

Wondering what your audience are saying about you behind your back?
Get in touch to find out what cultural conversations you’re missing out on.

Written By Alex Prew, Strategist & Copywriter @ LoveGunn

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