Customer Participation: Who’s doing it well?

Back in the day, customer participation was all about getting your customer to ‘say’ – now it’s all about ‘do’. Getting your audience actively get involved with your brand or its activation – even better, because they want to – is like hitting the late-night lotto.

Evolving past customer service chatbots, surveys and bone-dry marketing emails, customer participation has become a key facet for brands building a community-strong fanbase.

Here’s our round-up of brands getting it right with Generation Participation:

Campari “Art Without Walls”

Supporting pandemic-affected artists and galleries, with a QR for passers-by to buy the artwork. It’s an interesting subversion of branding to serve the greater good – even more so as the person interacting, doesn’t have to purchase the product to do so. It’s not just customer participation, it’s public participation, which moves Campari up into a whole new domain. This kind of holistic customer experience journey still increases brand awareness, which ultimately affects the bottom line.

Spotify Wrapped

A beautifully designed, gift-wrapped version of audience data in its purest form. For the solo listener, it’s interesting – but ultimately, it’s about the conversation. Seeing on your mate’s story that their top listened to tune of 2020 was from Hamilton the musical? Priceless content (and brilliantly user-generated). It’s all about encouraging shareability – and in 2020 Spotify introduced new features: TikTok integration (as well as all your expected social platforms) and Customised Share Cards to really make it your own.

‘This’ Plant-Based Meat

After winning Start-Up of the Year at The Grocer Gold Awards 2020, This have gone from strength to strength in the vegan game – and we can’t help but think their social interactions with customers had a part to play. Not only do they get humour really right (like the off-category condom they released for National HIV Testing Week) they are engaged in a non-stop dialogue with their online community. They tricked influencers with unboxing videos, opened a Veganuary support helpline, and shout out their funniest DM’s, comments and reaction videos. For their launch in 2019, they pulled 65 randoms off the street and filmed them sampling the product. Need I say more?

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