Coping whilst in coronavirus lockdown

As we enter our third week of working remotely, we decided to get the team to share their number 1 top tips for working from home.

So far we’ve found the experience both rewarding and challenging, following a daily structure that has enabled top productivity, as well as ensuring the LoveGunn studio culture still remains. Being a creative studio, it is nice to have someone by your side to bounce ideas around with, however video calls are our new best friend and have enabled the team to still be creative together.

See below what we think are the best top tips for working from home and we’d love to hear yours…

1. Use your trip out wisely

When you’re cooped up inside all day with email alerts pinging and Zoom calls blaring, it can start to feel very claustrophobic. Try and break up your day and create structure around your 30 minutes of exercise, so that you make sure you have some time away from your screen (or screaming kids). We’ve taken this opportunity to focus on our fitness with 5k runs either first thing in the morning or at lunchtime. You’ll be surprised how quickly the runs start to feel easier and faster. Our team have also been switching things up with Tom embarking on a cycle ride to Greenwich park this weekend, to take in the 28 Days Later style scenes of Canary Wharf.

2. Participate in a home workout

Sometimes you may need that little extra push to get yourself motivated to complete a workout, that’s why the likes of Joe Wicks may be a better alternative to a 5K run. Feel like you’re part of a community, as well as working out, by participating in one of the numerous home workout options available. Yesterday it was our turn to try #FerdinandFitness.

3. No snacking and eat healthily

Don’t get us wrong, everyone needs a treat stash, but it’s key to make sure these stay as treats! Refrain from heading to the sweet jar, biscuit tin or beer fridge (!) every hour on the hour and break up your meals as you would at work. 3 meals a day with some healthy snacks and you’re sorted. Also remember to stay hydrated – our top tip is every time you get up from your desk refill your glass of water.

4. Support local business and treat yourself

Why not avoid the barren wasteland of your local superstore and do your essential shopping at your local family run shop, or treat yourself to a bakery or brewery delivery straight to your door. These little things will go a long way to ensure the smaller businesses are able to reopen once this madness is over, whilst bringing you a little joy in these uncertain times.

5. Keep in touch with loved ones

With our working and social life currently a big blur, it is vital that we ensure our sanity remains. Set up regular evening Zoom calls with your loved ones to keep in touch with those closest to you. So far we’ve enjoyed pub quizzes, birthday celebrations, heart to hearts and have been persuaded to run our own pub quiz on Thursday 2nd April – we hope to see you there!

What are you doing to stay sane whilst self-isolating and remote working?
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