Changing the channel: is video waging a war against words? 

Is our consumption of content changing how brands are interacting with us?

We look at the data to see if brands’ acceleration into digital channels is limiting the need for long-form written content or does it simply show the importance of providing audiences with a mix of video and written content that can live both on and offline, and does size matter?


Why are brands using short-form content and is video defining our consumption?

Social media and video provide the means for brands to create a two-way conversation, whereas traditional print media is a one-way offering of content. Audiences of shortform video and written content are more engaged than consumers of long-form, non-specialist content.

The power of focus

The chicken or the egg? Do we seek out media channels that fit our consumer preferences, or do media channels influence our preferences in the first place?

Our findings show that video is still dominating engagement statistics. That’s not to say that the written word is dead – it’s an important component of any marketing strategy – but video is still coming out on top. 9 out of 10 viewers said they wanted to see more videos from brands and businesses.

So, give the people what they want. An understanding of short and long-form content, online and offline media channels and their benefits is essential in reaching your target audience, and knowing what to say. Above all, when the messaging’s right, you can’t go wrong.

Future-thinking: Paul Doleman Managing Director of Newsstand

We sat down and spoke to Paul Doleman to give us an insiders view on the trends he’s anticipating within the publishing world.

“There are growing demands for audio / eBooks / eMags and an explosive rise of curated platforms like MentorBox, Blinkist which is exciting. There is more self-publishing than ever and heavy consolidation amongst large media conglomerates.

It’s exciting to see growth from small publishers who provide a wider variety of content, from a more diverse range of creators and take more risk than the large media groups. They are also embracing various commercial models like pay-per-view, freemium, micro payments, subscription and more. If you only want to pay 5p for that one article, you can.

More generally, when looking at the success of any content, it’s imperative the viewer instantly sees a clear and gripping message, whether that’s a headline or a few seconds of video. With so many demands on their attention we need to entice people quickly to read or watch on and draw them in.

From people’s behaviour, it’s clear no one content form is displacing another, but brands need to use them in a complementary fashion, depending on context and objectives. Right place, right person, right time, right content, right device”

Get your messaging right, get in touch.

Our solution to keep up with the demand for instant, bespoke content is to have a clear brand strategy that appeals to your target audience, supported by integrated marketing in various forms.

At LoveGunn, we help our clients understand how to capture different demographics through a mix of aligned media, strategic positioning, a strong brand voice, and consistent messaging. Contact us to discuss your positioning and strategy to determine your execution strategy.

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