adidas lets you play FIFA in real life

For anyone growing up playing football with jumpers for goal posts or late nights battling friends over FIFA, comparing ourselves to and playing alongside the best footballers in the world has only been a dream; until now.

In what we see as a completely game changing partnership between adidas, Google and EA Sports, football fans and amateur players can now play football on the pitch or on the street and earn FIFA rewards online, powering your players in-game with real-world achievements and earning a coveted FIFA player score. To do this, all you need is to insert the new adidas GMR insole into your football boots and off you go. Oh, and download the FIFA Mobile on your phone, obviously.

“adidas GMR lives at the intersection of gaming and the material world because that’s where the audience is. By exploring and challenging traditional approaches to product development, alongside Jacquard by Google and EA Sports FIFA Mobile, we have been able to equip players with a whole new way to use their creativity for the betterment of sport.”

Moritz Kloetzner, adidas Football

For us, the most intriguing part of adidas’ new connected device is seeing how a brand has truly innovated to blur the lines between real world experience and online engagement. It’s giving players of all abilities the chance to measure and compete, something we know is vital to engage and entertain a generation of digitally savvy young people.

Retailing at just £29.95, this new technology isn’t just exciting and different, it’s also extremely accessible for younger players.

Here at LoveGunn, we see a huge opportunity for other brands to take advantage of the new technology to create content and fan activations around it, and this is perhaps the most appealing and intriguing aspect: asking how YOUR brand could utilise the GMR to captivate your audience.

For the full Adidas release, click here:

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