Achieving creative clarity through concept development

Creative concepts shouldn’t live in a vacuum. They should bring a brand’s purpose, narrative and mission to life in a simple and clear vision. 

As a team of designers, writers and strategists, we come together to understand how a creative idea can solve a real world problem (because all the best ones do) – then explore beyond popular culture, trends, psychology and the zeitgeist to create concepts brand worlds can be born from. 

So, what actually is a concept, and how do you arrive at one?

Here’s how we do it:

Start with the strategy

All powerful concepts begin with an insight. We build on the foundations of our research and strategy stages to get to a singular brand narrative and vision, then use it as the backbone for creative exploration. Through moodboards, brand worlds and on-point visual references, we work with our clients to create a concept that will carve out their brand’s place in the world. 

Get moodboard-ing

Words and visuals can leave room for misinterpretation. We use moodboards to show clients our direction of thinking; from print techniques, to packaging, to ideas and colourways. 

Moodboards help tell a visual story of where we can take the brand, before committing to developing an entire brand world. Our design team put together rich collages inspired by cultural ideas as well as simple execution techniques, so our clients can see how we’re capturing our conceptual idea.

Devise 2-3 creative routes 

Clients come to us for clear strategic thinking and creative clarity. For us, that’s the difference between being a design agency and being brand consultants. It’s this clarity of thinking that means we only ever present two or three creative ideas. That way, we assert an expert opinion on the routes we’ve developed, and clients are safe in the knowledge that we only give them the best. It also allows more distinction between routes; one might be bold and unexpected, the other a gradual step change in the evolution of their brand.

Create a brand world 

Brand worlds demonstrate how language and visuals can combine across different media to establish a cohesive and consistent brand identity.

We ensure we create brands that can communicate our concept across multiple touchpoints, visually and verbally. Using the tone of voice set out in our strategy document, we capture different moods and expressions that enhance our creative concept and get business owners onboard with the future of their brand.

Through a brand world, a concept becomes a personality – an idea that has many legs, can walk around the world and stand the test of time. 

Is your brand lacking a big idea, strategic clarity or the flexibility to work harder? Let’s chat to see how we might solve these issues and create a brand that you and your customers can fall in love with.

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