3 ways for your brand to lead the flock

Shepherd or Sheep?

This week in rudimentary ways to categorise a population, we’re taking a look at the divisive line between leaders and followers. Shepherds and sheep. And while some may use the latter label as an uninventive dig, in the branding world, we couldn’t think more highly of the flock. Leading your fanbase effectively is crucial to brand success, and we’ve devised the holy trinity of tips to get you there. Here they are in all their glory.

1. Have an opinion

Whilst the concept of thought leadership used to be reserved for TED talks and philosophical webinars only, it’s since taken on a different definition: for brands: it means staying true to your values in practice, not just principle. It means asserting yourself into your brand’s domain in a way that steers conversation, whether that’s in behavioural change, challenging age-old perceptions, or simply educating your followers.

2. Innovate new ideas

We’re all for superior knowledge of your brand’s category, and the big players within it. But keeping too close an eye on your competitive set can hinder innovation. It can lead to predictable tactics, when what your brand really needs is to stay agile, always looking for ways to stay true to its core ethos. Peanut started out as an app for new mums, then quickly pivoted once it saw the support needed for expectant mums, mums who’ve miscarried and mums with fertility struggles. It shifted to encompass wider maternal support, and broadened the stereotypical definition of ‘mum’. It owned the whole space, and we all know what that means: unparalleled visibility.

3. Tune in to your audience

Don’t be afraid to be led by your followers. Yes, you may be influencing them in trends and behaviours, but know when to look to them as a source of inspiration. Is there a commonality in the way they spend their Friday nights? Are they hitting up the customer service chatbot asking for a particular service? Your audience are active participators in your brand’s story, and true leaders will know when to tune in.

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