10 Questions with LoveGunn Strategist & Copywriter, Oyinkan Akande

Time to meet Oyin, Strategist & Copywriter at LoveGunn…

What’s your nickname?

Oyin was actually my nickname from my family and closest friends growing up (It means ‘honey’ in Yoruba). Most people called me Oyinkan.


Who’s your celebrity lookalike?

When I was younger and had a weave with a fringe, I used to get Naomi Campbell a lot. But now, I like to think that I’m the celebrity


Would you rather have legs made of jelly or fingers made of sausages?

After seeing Everything, Everywhere All at Once, I wouldn’t mind sausage fingers


Fave podcast and/or tv series at the moment and why?

I am not much of a podcast listener. The last thing I listened to and loved was About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge. It’s very informative about the recent history and racial legacy of the UK


What was your most played song on Spotify Wrapped?

The Dress by Dijon


Dream travel destination?

Nepal and India. Hiking, culture and the occasional beach.

Any party tricks?

I am double jointed so I can twist my shoulders and bend myself like a circus freak. I can do a pretty fun death drop too


Give us an interesting fact about yourself?

I don’t know how to drive. Twice behind the wheel, I’ve been responsible for vehicular incidents


What’s your fave thing about being a designer?

Being a copywriter


What would be your final ever meal (Starter/Main/Dessert/Drink)?

Ceviche or tuna tartare, a massive rare steak, black forest gateau and a couple pints of red lager

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