10 Questions with LoveGunn Senior Designer, Laura Wynn-Owen

Get to know Laura, Senior Designer at LoveGunn…

What’s your nickname?

Now it’s WynnO. Before I got married it was Blanders (maiden name was Blandford). And for the between times when people weren’t used to Wynn-Owen, it became ‘NotBlanders’


Who’s your celebrity lookalike?

The squirrel from Ice Age


Would you rather have legs made of jelly or fingers made of sausages?

Can I eat the sausages?


Fave podcast and/or tv series at the moment and why?

White Lotus, late to the game on that one, but strongly enjoying it now, and Cautionary Tales has to be up there in the podcast world


What was your most played song on Spotify Wrapped?

Magic in the Hamptons by Social House and Lil Yachty – such a good summer vibe


Dream travel destination?

Belize! Iguanas, coffee, howler monkeys, scuba diving, honestly it just looks incredible


Any party tricks?

I can speak fluent Ag language, a vaguely useless made-up language Ben taught me. We used it to talk about the kids when we didn’t want them to hear


Give us an interesting fact about yourself?

I was quite a musical kid – got to grade 8 violin and drums! Haven’t played for years though, probably couldn’t even paradiddle anymore


What’s your fave thing about being a designer?

The feeling when it all comes together, you visuals align with your strategy and it just bloody sings


What would be your final ever meal (Starter/Main/Dessert/Drink)?

Starter – Salmon/tuna sashimi

Main – Steak with fries

Dessert – Any form of cheesecake 

Drink – A cheeky Malbec

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