10 Questions with LoveGunn Managing Director, Chris Gunn

Whats your nickname? 

Gunny or Wriggleman (don’t ask)

Who’s your celebrity lookalike?

David Cameron – but only when I’m wearing a suit (apparently)

Would you rather time travel to the past or the future?

Past. I don’t want to see the world burn

Fave podcast you’ve listened to or book you’ve read recently?

I’m a basic bitch so Diary of a CEO. I recommend the one with Davina McCall – less Steven Bartlett talking and more Davina opening up about her fascinating life

Top 3 music artists, dead or alive, you’d like to watch at a festival?

Queen, Arctic Monkeys and Frank Sinatra

Dream travel destination?

I’d like go to Australia and New Zealand

Any party tricks?

I’m good at accents. Scouse and Geordie my strongest two

Give us an interesting fact about yourself?

I have 8 international football caps

What would be your dream brand to work with and why?

We’ve worked with a football club (although I’d love to work with more!) so that box is ticked. I reckon Nike would be a dream one – loved reading Shoedog and their campaigns are always so exciting and original. What you want from a client!

What would be your final ever meal (Starter/Main/Dessert/Drink)?

Starter – Smoked Salmon

Main – Fried Chicken, Chips, Gravy

Dessert – Cheese Board

Drink – Pint of Larger followed by an Old Fashioned

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