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Since it’s inception 20 years ago as the trailblazing digital disruptor, Serenata has established itself as one of the UK’s top DTC Online Florists.


Transform Awards Europe 2024 - Best brand evolution (consumer)


Serenata needed to reposition themselves in the market and create their own clear purpose that would resonate with their core audience of 25-40 year old metropolitan purchasers. With an already established brand, Serenata required an evolution that would move them into the future, whilst remaining rooted to their widely renown brand.


Through a series of brand workshops, customer interviews and real-world market research, LoveGunn gained key insights into consumer purchase intentions, search focused behaviours as well as trends that are impacting the industry. This research informed how we created a new brand positioning for Serenata around a love language for connecting with nature, others and ourselves.

Our strategic vision of "language of love" created a narrative for Serenata new brand story. The Language of Love is made to empower and connect people. Some conversations are hard to navigate but through flowers, we can make every word spoken worth saying. Serenata don't just deliver flowers, they help you spark conversations, get deep with your loved ones or just let someone know you're there for them.


Our strategy focused on 3 key pillars: Creativity & Artistry, Value & Care and Community & Inclusion. This allowed the Serenata brand to build a robust brand story and activate across a number of new audiences, social spaces and begin to form their own communities.

Language of Love brand strapline for Serenata Flowers DTC Florist in an elegant typeface and hot coral colour palette
Minimalist still life creative art direction style using colour blocking for Serenata Flowers DTC Florist by branding agency LoveGunn

LoveGunn evolved the Serenata brand by leaving the logo untouched yet overhauling the wider brand world.


LoveGunn developed a new sophisticated lead colour palette which included a pop of ‘hot coral’, ‘forest green’ and ‘mist’ alongside an elegant new typeface pairing of Conso and Lota. 

The new langauge of love positioning is brought to life through a modern art direction style inspired by both fashion and interior design. This has been adopted across website, socials, campaigns and emailers alongside a new calligraphic illustration style. 

LoveGunn have carefully evolved the Serenata brand to position itself as a creative, lifestyle led brand whilst retaining its deep authentic connection to the natural world through the beauty of plants and flowers. 

Serenata Flowers brand photography using sunflowers and flower arranging into a ceramic designed vase. Art Direction by LoveGunn
Serenata brand language and typography with a vibrant bouquet of pink and white flowers in a fluted glass vase
Serenata brand photography depicting purple flowers in a blue denim jean pocket and a yellow flower in a pink denim jacket chest pocket. Styled and art directed by LoveGunn
Serenata brand narrative which forms part of the wider brand strategy for the Serenata Flowers rebrand, positioning the brand as a connector of people. Hand drawn flower illustrations and text on a coral background
Serenata brand campaigns for Wimbledon Tennis and Easter. Both use block colour backgrounds of green and coral with an image within an arch of beautiful flowers and props
Serenata brand colour palette using distinct bran colour names and floral photography
Serenata website design for DTC commerce shopping and subscriptions. UI and UX designed by LoveGunn. Both use block colour backgrounds of green and coral with an image within an arch of beautiful flowers and props
Serenata flowers social campaigns for seasonal marketing using floral photography and arresting, cheeky and playful language and copywriting
Three brand postcards on red plinths. The designs use bold typography and petal photography to create a simple and minimalist aesthetic
Serenata Flowers Ecommerce packaging design and branded merchandising designed by branding agency LoveGunn
4-step care guide for Serenata flowers using vibrant colours, bold typography and handcrafted illustrations giving the brand assets that are customer-focused
Serenata instagram stories for creative social campaigns and customer engagement designed by LoveGunn as part of a social media marketing toolkit
Serenata creative email advertising. LoveGunn used the new brand assets to create a series of creative templates designed to engage customers throughout the marketing funnel
rand Valentines pop-up. A creative advertising concept to help lovers who had forgotten Valentines day with a pop-up truck at Waterloo Station
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