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Twisted is global food content and merchandise platform with delivery across London and Dubai. Following the success of their cooking channel, the brand is expanding to influence a fun and unserious culture around food.



Twisted's fun and mischievous approach to food became a viral success across their content channels. Having transformed the way people enjoy food and follow recipes, they commissioned LoveGunn to develop a brand identity that could transform their philosophy into a lifestyle and community.


LoveGunn strategised around Twisted's unserious approach to food to create a refreshing and relatable brand. Breaking away from the trend of overcomplication and elitism that can make food feel fussy and unapproachable, we worked with simple and playful concepts to reflect the community at the heart of Twisted: people who just enjoy food.

LoveGunn leveraged Twisted's refreshing approach to food to flesh out a philosophy that places the food over the fuss.


Organically owning a unique position with fun and playful food, Twisted already had strong brand elements for LoveGunn to work with. We worked to create cohesion across their platforms and assets and deepen the sense of ownership they have in that space. We developed a brand identity that was robust enough to grow a philosophy into a community and a lifestyle, and agile enough to work across their global content, merchandise and delivery service.

Elevating Twisted from its origins in the cluttered world of Facebook recipe videos to a global cultural platform, we worked with concepts of nostalgia and recognisable forms of 90s cartoons to straddle the brand across youthful playfulness and adult indulgence.

Creative Brand Strategy strapline for Twisted Food “The Home of Outrageous Food” Twisted have over 30 million followers across social. Branding by brand agency LoveGunn London
Twisted World Illustration of a Simpsons style imaginary illustrated world of burger people and food like a where’s Wally image designed by creative agency LoveGunn

Fleshing a concept into a brand that can grow into a community and expand across iterations and platforms.


Our art direction isolated dishes against a vibrant backdrop that was attention-seeking, messy and ready to celebrate food in all its glory. LoveGunn deisgn a character for every dish on the Twisted menu, transforming them into illustrated food animations that could be used across all assets, from digital activations to delivery packaging.

Unexpected photography, bold flavours and toy-town characters defined a look that transported the eater away from perfectly plated dishes with zero personality - and was guaranteed to get the heads of 14 million followers turning.

Deliveroo brand art directed photography of Twisted Food by LoveGunn dirty burgers and yummy takeaway food in a flatly photo style
Twisted Food brand illustration by LoveGunn depicting a Money Shot Burger man and Running Salad man illustrations. Colourful, fun and playful cartoons of food
Twisted Food Burger photography art direction by branding agency LoveGunn mettle cheese on vivid blue background. Food Porn, Food Photography
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Twisted Cookbook design by LoveGunn creative branding agency. Recipe book, for Twisted featuring at home recipes. Bright orange book on blue background
Food Porn food art direction food photography styled and directed by advertising agency LoveGunn in London showing melted sandwiches and Subbuteo players for game day recipe ideas
Twisted Food art direction photoshoot food porn food photography Christmas and occasion recipes designed by creative agency LoveGunn London
Twisted Food cookbook spreads with bespoke illustration bright colourful spreads with pink backgrounds and delicious food porn recipes designed by LoveGunn branding agency






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