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Zaya is a dating app with a difference. They’re creating a community around dating which enables users to be themselves so you can pursue relationships with purpose and intention.



In a saturated dating app market, trends in online dating have become increasingly superficial and difficult to navigate. 2Sense approached LoveGunn to create a platform for pursuing relationships with purpose and develop a brand that would cater to the undeserved community of people looking for open and honest dating.


Focusing on disrupting a noisy market, LoveGunn developed a brand strategy around authenticity, moving the platform towards real representations of people and away from superficial image and status markers. First, LoveGunn renamed the app to reflect a holistic sense of identity and ultimate fulfilment. The new name, Zaya, comes from the Mongolian word for destiny and reflects the place where the app first launched.

LoveGunn renamed the brand Zaya and positioned it as a dating community that caters to the authentic self. Refreshing the conventions of online dating, we structured Zaya around the search for deep and honest relationships.


As dating apps grew in popularity, so did the trend towards superficiality and fleeting interactions. LoveGunn's approach was guided by the key insight that there is still a gap in the market for users seeking deep and meaningful connections.


LoveGunn modelled the strategic vision for Zaya around social media communities built for longevity and connection. Zaya’s platform replaces dead-end conversations and mindless swiping with a curated, feed-style experience that rewards interaction. Navigating away from the biodata format and match-to-communicate interface, Zaya removes the pressure of the search by letting its community interact organically over shared interests and beliefs.

Brand Vision Statement for Zaya Dating App by Branding and Design Agency in London LoveGunn
Creative Brand Strategy strapline for Zaya dating app “Find something real” by brand strategy agency LoveGunn London

Creating an inclusive dating community that celebrates the real you.


Armed with a bold new name, LoveGunn set out to create an identity to match Zaya’s fresh and fulfilling tone. We designed characterful, fun and expressive illustrations which allowed users to customise their profiles to express their personalities. The most important element of the identity was the typography, uplifting, empowering and always a little quirky – encouraging users to do the same.

Social Media Asset templates for Dating App Marketing by Creative Design Agency LoveGunn London Studio
Brand Language and stickers for Zaya dating app by design agency LoveGunn London Studio
Creative branding agency LoveGunn helped Zaya reach number 1 in the Apple App Store
Apple App Store graphics and marketing visuals that helped them rank top in app store by design agency LoveGunn
Brand Narrative by London based creative branding agency LoveGunn
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