Realize True Potential

Driven by their vision for a technological future, RTP Global is a venture capital firm that offers extensive support to the boldest and most innovative of early-stage founders.



RTP Global has backed over 110 founders in early stage tech start-ups. These early stage investments have gone on to become global, multi-billion dollar businesses, including Datadog, DeliveryHero and Cred. However, their brand identity did not reflect their bold vision and history of backing and supporting exceptional founders.


LoveGunn's strategic work helped RTP Global to clearly define who they were and create a messaging platform around their founder centric approach. Reimagining the brand around its unique sense of adventure, intuitive nose for innovation and hands-on support, we positioned RTP as a fund that proudly and actively supports their fearless founders every step of the way.

Building a Founder-First VC brand that helps their portfolio Realize True Potential.


The VC industry is crowded with firms trying to spot and leverage opportunities for huge returns on their investment. But few offer the hands-on support and share the spirit of founders that RTP Global does. RTP unequivocally aligns itself with its founders and is primarily funded by reinvesting profits from previous successes.

LoveGunn differentiated the brand as more than just another fund, demonstrating it as being as dedicated as the founders it invests in. The drive for RTP Global is not simply profit and notoriety but entrepreneurship, pioneering technology and the opportunity to offer scale, support and speed to the greatest innovators of today.

Not just founder-first, our conceptualisation of RTP Global was human-focused. The LoveGunn strategic vision foregrounded the people behind the scenes and the critical conversations that achieve results. By humanising the worlds of venture capital and startups, we positioned RTP Global as a VC fund that understands the trust, support and dynamism that is needed to successfully grow and fund a business.

Creating a visual language that demonstrates how RTP help founders realize true potential.


LoveGunn developed a typeface with a combination of curves and sharp angles to communicate agility and momentum. Making sure to foreground the VC's relationship with its founders, we employed a conversation graphic which is born from the RTP logo form, demonstrating how dialogue and communication is intrinsically tied to the brand identity.

The colour palette leads with neutral tones of black, grey and white and used pops of colour elsewhere to bring conversations to life and demonstrate the brand as a dynamic and active entity. We included a detailed tone of voice toolkit that included defined terms and usage to empower the RTP Global team to truly take ownership of their language and communication.

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