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Elkstone is a venture and investment leader focused on the Irish diaspora. With a powerful vision for collective impact, the company is defining wealth management and investment services within its community.


Transform Awards Europe 2024 - Best visual identity from the financial services sector


Elkstone began as a family office and has evolved into an early-stage venture fund. As the company grows, so does its mission and impact. Elkstone commissioned LoveGunn to develop a compelling new digital experience that positions them as Ireland's leading investment partner.


LoveGunn strategised around a vision of a dynamic and personable digital experience to showcase relationships as the cornerstone of Elkstone. Our approach was lead by the key insight that investing requires trust and transparency. Moving away from the typical abstraction of wealth and investment, we chose to humanise Elkstone.

LoveGunn positioned Elkstone as Irelands leading investment partner with a strategic vision that humanised finance, we made it personal.


While the finance and investment industry has become masters of abstracting wealth through images of time pieces, classic cars and scaling mountains, rarely do institutions address the core issues of trust and people.

The LoveGunn vision for Elkstone was of a digital presence that felt human and relatable. We positioned the firm's offering as a partnership of education, opinion and opportunity. At the core, we placed their expertise and experience as the evidently human and personal qualities that make their company successful.

Creative Brand Strategy and vision for Elkstone “Your investment partner”
Creative Brand Strategy strapline for Elkstone “For us, it’s personal”

Using authentic photography to put people at the heart of what Elkstone does.


LoveGunn evolved the existing Elkstone brand by implementing a fresh suite of brand assets that render the Elkstone story easy to navigate and understand. 

LoveGunn have redrawn, modernised and introduced animation to the elk logo so that it can adapt to a new digital environment . A clear typographic hierarchy was introduced with new typefaces integrated to visually signify between investor and venture communications. 

A sophisticated new colour palette champions Elkstone’s Irish roots, using racing green combined with an off-white and charcoal. Our venture palette includes a salmon pink borrowed from the universal colour coding of the Financial Times. 

LoveGunn commissioned a new art direction and photoshoots using photographer James Parker to capture the Elkstone team in an intimate, member's club setting. Capturing depth of field, emotion and the idea of collaboration, the new imagery included members of the team and founders to illustrate the openness and accessibility of their partnerships.

Animated logo of an elk for Elkstone designed by creative branding agency LoveGunn
Brand art directed photography by creative agency LoveGunn staff members in Dublin, Ireland
Creative Branding Design of Elkstone brand guidelines showing brand usage, toolkits and assets
Creative Branding Design of marketing and merchandise assets for advertising and print by LoveGunn design agency
Creative Branding Design of power point and sales deck assets by LoveGunn design agency
Brand art directed photography by creative agency LoveGunn staff members in Dublin, Ireland
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Making the user journey relevant, accessible and personable for investors, founders and industry leaders.


The new Elkstone website focuses on the user journey for their two uniquely different audiences, high net worth investors and startup founders.  This journey starts on the homepage of the website, using colour coding to direct users to the sections of the website that matter to them.

This colour coding and typographic approach is retained throughout all aspects of the site so user journeys remain clear, coherent and relevant.

Personable photography, pull-out statistics and easily digestible copy brings an approachable tone to the entire site, giving the user a behind-the-scenes experience to an otherwise impenetrable industry.

UX and UI design of the Elkstone website design by creative agency LoveGunn for Dublin based venture capital fund Elkstone
UX and UI design of the Elkstone web design by creative agency LoveGunn for Dublin based venture capital fund Elkstone based in Ireland






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