Put the intention back into dating
Dating apps have become increasingly superficial and difficult to navigate. Zaya is different though, they offer a dating community. Creating a community around dating enables users to be themselves so you can truly get to know each other and pursue relationships with purpose and intention.
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Focusing on disrupting a noisy market, LoveGunn developed a brand strategy around authenticity. We moved towards real representations of people and away from superficial image and status markers. Our language prioritised honesty, safety, inclusivity and openness. This new strategic direction also led LoveGunn to rename the brand from 2Sense to Zaya (the Mongolian word for ‘Destiny’). The new name creates an immediate link to the idea of being yourself and a sense of ultimate fulfilment.
Armed with a bold new name, LoveGunn set out to create an identity to match Zaya’s fresh and fulfilling tone. We designed characterful, fun and expressive illustrations which allowed users to customise their profiles to express their personalities. The most important element of the identity was the typography, uplifting, empowering and always a little quirky – encouraging users to do the same.
We're delighted that within 5 days of launching in Mongolia, Zaya topped Apple's ‘Social Networking App’ chart and has remained there for an entire month!