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Bedrooms to Bankok or Kitchens to Kansas, Sanelo are a global relocation company helping professionals move home.



As the world becomes smaller and businesses expand into new territories, Sanelo is the trusted relocation expert guiding professionals to seamlessly establish themselves in new cities, countries, or continents. Their premium service transcends the mere logistics of box-moving, extending into the complexities of visa arrangements, childcare setups, and more. However, their somewhat eclectic, rainbow-hued branding failed to mirror the premium, expert-driven nature of their services.


After conducting an intensive series of strategic workshops, LoveGunn delved into the multi-faceted offerings of Sanelo, even conversing with past clients to gain real-world insights. We recognised the necessity for Sanelo to not merely announce but own its position as a trusted expert in international relocations. Subsequently, we reimagined the brand through a paradigm of thought leadership, trust and a level of service that is befitting of their professional standards. LoveGunn built a positioning strategy around experience, efficiency and excellence, presenting a Sanelo that is unapologetically premium and deeply professional. Defining a new class of move; clean, smooth and efficient. The elegance of our approach is, paradoxically, in its simplicity. Sanelo’s clients can relax, rest assured that they will effectively manage every part of their relocation – down to the last detail.

Empowering Sanelo to compete based on the inherent value they provide, rather than on price alone.


Relocating internationally invariably confronts you with a myriad of concerns—schooling for your children, furniture logistics, or the ever-daunting visa process. Sanelo carefully choreographs each and every detail so their clients can relax and enjoy their new adventure. Delivering a premium relocation management with an exemplary and professional end-to-end service that covers removal, logistics, immigration and customs, settling assistance, and more. In doing so, we've positioned Sanelo as far more than a company that simply moves boxes.

The key differentiator was our ability to visually and verbally position Sanelo as a premium service and not just another logistics company. We constructed a new tone of voice that enabled Sanelo to confidently compete based on their inherent value, rather than on price alone.

Lifestyle-Centric Brand Identity


The new Sanelo brand identity has been meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly into the lifestyle of the modern professional. For individuals accustomed to concierge services, five-star hotels, and gourmet dining, we've elevated Sanelo to a plane of comparable excellence.

The design process began with the conception of a refined ligature wordmark, coupled with a minimalist logo that succinctly encapsulates the dynamic elements of relocations—moving boxes, checklists, paperwork. This design language extends across various brand touchpoints: from the new website to location guides, packing boxes, iconography, art direction, and even custom moving packs.

Our rebranding of Sanelo has exceeded mere cosmetic adjustments, ushering Sanelo into new business avenues—such as a relocation marketplace and concierge services. The all-encompassing depth of the new brand resonates perfectly with our strategic vision: to establish Sanelo as far more than just a relocation service.

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