Creating connections worth keeping

Who we are

We started LoveGunn to get back to what
matters. And that’s authenticity. As a team we
share the essential skillsets to create that
authenticity for our clients – true listening and
deep understanding (our client service side) and a
discovery process and audience awareness (our
design side) that’s second to none.

As well as exploring all the key aspects of your marketplace and your offer, LoveGunn brings something more to the design table – the latest insights and best practice from the many sectors we work across. It’s the application of this 360-degree design thinking that creates loyal fanbases for our clients – no matter the ultimate audience.

How we work

We elevate brand significance through storytelling, experience and identity so audiences don’t just
buy into your brand - they actively belong to it.


This is where we get you talking. We use our workshops as a jumping off point for your brand positioning, asking all the right questions, getting to know your business challenges and unearthing the opportunities within them.


We believe the best strategies are deep-rooted, yet brilliantly uncomplicated. We’ll articulate your ‘why’ with expert precision, then use it to inform your values, purpose, and brand narrative - so all that’s left is a brilliant story waiting to be told.


We don’t shy away from big ideas. Through unpredictable design and stories that resonate, we’ll create and sustain emotional ties with your
fanbase. In other words: this is where we make your brand look good, sound good, and mean something to the world.

Our previous partners include


LoveGunn are a fantastic agency to work with - flexible, dynamic and keen to help in any way they can. They have the perfect balance of responsive and proactive account management combined with creative, innovative design development.

Richard Pallister

Brand Manager


LoveGunn are like no branding agency we’ve worked with before. They worked tirelessly to understand our business, our culture and our objectives. From this deep understanding they were able to perfectly deliver exactly what we needed, all whilst ensuring the process was completely seamless and stress free.

Jamie Bolding

Co-Founder & CEO


As a result of working with LoveGunn, we’ve managed to get our products into the UK’s top supermarkets and launched into multiple countries. As a result, we’ve tripled our revenue in one year. They understand our marketplace and challenges, and know what makes an effective brand.

Imran Merza

Co-Founder & CEO


LoveGunn are a dream to work with! They were quick to grasp the essence of our business and relay it in the most impactful way. As an early stage start up, they were one of the first to really understand and get behind the change we wante to make and we feel they’re still a part of the team.

Bilyana Freye

Co-Founder & CEO