The fabric of the game
MatchWornShirt partners with professional sports clubs across the globe to auction official memorabilia for good causes. Working with major brands like Real Madrid, Manchester United and the British Legion amongst others, MatchWornShirt provides clubs and charities the chance to unlock and optimise their fundraising potential by providing fans the opportunity to bid for the official shirts worn by their sporting heroes.
Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Art Direction, Social Media, Animation, Packaging Design, Brand Guidelines
MatchWornShirt work directly with clubs to manage the entire fundraising process from shirt collection to online auction. They ensure kits are sanitised and authenticated before creating unrivaled buzz & excitement as buyers bid live on their platform. This means their shirts stay real, timeless and the fans ultimate prize forever. We wanted to capture the wave of excitement that only live sport can offer whilst reflecting the detail, care and authenticity which acts as a strategic foundation. The vision - Swap shirts with your heroes’ places fandom and authenticity at the heart of the brand.
A football club is a fundamental thread in the identity of a city, a neighborhood, a friendship group and an individual’s identity. Sporting your club’s crest and colours is a display of emotion: legacy, nostalgia, pride, loyalty. All the things that evoke a feeling or a memory. Owning a MatchWornShirt is the ultimate way for fans to mark a moment in time, and be a part of history ib the making.
The identity builds on the brand’s vision and is designed to capture the moments that make sporting memories. Using the idea of nostalgic sticker collecting, we created a framing device which is used throughout the identity. A montage grid as well as annotated details adds a sense of passion, emotion and detail to the brand. The logo has been specifically designed to sit alongside club badges, not to detract from them. This in turn provides the instant feeling of an official partnership, a symbolic endorsement of quality and authenticity, whilst the monochromatic colour palette leads with the idea that whilst sport is colourful, trust is black and white.