Fuelling the rebellion of Britain’s most exciting sports cars
From boys’ bedroom walls all the way to Le Mans, TVR has inspired generations of fanatic petrol-heads, but somehow lost its way. With the cars resurrected and repatriated, they needed to put their edge back in the driver’s seat.
Brand Strategy, Tone of Voice, Brand Identity, Art Direction, Animation, Advertising, Toolkits, Guidelines.
Outrageous, charismatic, and outrageously charismatic - TVR needed to rediscover whatever it was that made Jeremy Clarkson liken their cars to a bear that would one day rip your head off. All about the thrill of getting behind the wheel, we formulated a strategy that repositioned TVR as the maverick of the motoring world.
Our new positioning kicked them into gear, creating a defined platform they could use to accelerate their own revolution. They followed with the launch of the new TVR Griffith and a Le Mans partnership with Rebellion Racing - moves to stop any competitor in their tracks. And if you’ve ever heard the unmistakable rumble of a Griffith tearing up the tarmac, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.
TVR earned its reputation as the rebel of the motoring world by being everything other sports cars weren’t. Our visuals and tone revolted against the predispositions of the category, championing raw engineering and a driving experience not for the faint hearted. Speaking directly to the adrenaline-junkie A-type personalities, we gave TVR back its attitude and learned what it takes to bring an icon back to life.