Embrace the day
After a year of pent up wanderlust, the world’s ready to get back out there. Match that with the growing appetite for short stays, and Staze is onto something. You set the radius, they bring the getaway inspiration - then serve up the easiest, cheapest, quickest way to make it happen. So you can have the time of your life, without having to go the distance.
Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Guidelines, Art Direction, Social Media Pack, Animation, Presentation Deck Template
When it comes to spontaneity, the founders of Staze believe everybody has it in ‘em - it just needs a little teasing out. By empowering people to break out of their same old routines with unapologetic optimism, Staze provokes something within that’s bigger than a location: a sense of fulfilment that you carpe’d that diem.
Our strategy revolves around the notion that when you embrace the day, great things happen. Whether that’s the patchwork hills of the Cornish countryside, or the cobbled streets of Edinburgh city - it’s what you do on a holiday, not where you sleep, that makes it one for the books. We devised a colour palette informed by the landscapes of different staycation destinations, and paired it with a modern Sans Serif typeface that spoke to Staze’s party trick; converting that spur-of-the-moment energy into something with meaning.
We said no thanks to the glossy interiors our competitors like to feature in their imagery, and instead focused on the shared, rain-on-your-skin type moments that bring people together. We created a dynamic Zag brand mark to depict the unpredictable nature of spontaneity, getting from A to B to C across the country, and the excitement of new experiences you never saw coming. That same sentiment runs through the tone of our playful social templates, and all the way onto the Apple app store - tracking the energetic shortcut to wherever adventure awaits.
"The quality of work was very high and they have a really collaborative way of building brands."
Jay Olenicz
Co-Founder, Staze