Joe Media
Evolving the conversation
Masculinity forces men into boxes they don’t fit. Having built JOE Media with men in mind, the platform needed to understand the spectrum of men they were speaking to, help them forge new identities with confidence, and rally its people behind the cause.
Brand Strategy & Tone of Voice
A quick scroll through any news feed will tell you masculinity is in crisis. 50% of the population are questioning their identity, interests, views and relationships, and they need a new voice to cut through the noise. With an already massive stake in their audience, JOE needed to stay at the cutting edge of conversations had for and by men, to stay on top of their game.
JOE‘s confidence in sparking debate needed some borrowed swagger. Never missing a beat when it comes to popular culture, they needed to talk to the talk in a way that resonated with modern men - so we chose four icons that they know and love to influence JOE’s tone of voice, and some soundbites to match. These brand heroes represent what it is to be unmistakably JOE: unorthodox storytellers, kingpins of British culture, and hugely influential wherever they show up.
We built a strategy that unequivocally set out what JOE stands for. An audience-first, positive influence on all men; from plant-loving hipsters to petrol heads. We articulated a powerful mission, what it means to be a media maverick, and took the time to understand the complexities of character that inform their every move. Toeing the line between entertaining, insightful and informative, JOE were armed with the tools to keep connecting men to the right content, at the right moment.