Jealous Sweets
Making life taste sweeter
Once a niche cult of tofu-touting hipster-types, veganism has worked its way into the mainstream with unexpected momentum. We replicated that move for Jealous Sweets, democratising their treats from high-end London department stores to the bright lights of UK supermarkets - and now they’re set to have their biggest year yet.
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When Jealous Sweets burst their way onto the scene with a vegan, gluten-free product that didn’t compromise on flavour, they ate their way into the hearts and minds of a health-conscious millennial audience. For once, there were sweets untainted by the horror stories of gelatine and additives that once dominated the candy world.
Despite success in the Selfridges and Harrods of the world, Jealous weren’t winning over the big players of FMCG retail. We immersed ourselves in their world to see how, with such a brilliant product range, they still weren’t being seen as shelf ready. It seemed their affiliation with a pretty boring ‘free from’ aisle was holding them back from running with the likes of Rowntree’s and Haribo. Internal workshops revealed household names were drawing the eye of our everyday sweet-toothed consumer.
So we decked Jealous out with a new look - a bold and playful brand that still managed to feel mature, whilst still tapping into the childhood nostalgia that sweets = happiness. We still focused on the plant-based benefits, but it was no longer their defining feature. ASDA were the first to fall for our bold palette and playful charm, and the brand now reigns supreme in UK multiples and stores across the nation. Best of all, Jealous recorded a landslide revenue of $4M in 2020. Jealous? You’re welcome.
“LoveGunn looked into the market and helped us devise a plan to stand out from our competition. They gave us various advice into what would and wouldn’t work as we moved into a new vertical.”
Imran Merza
Co-Founder, Jealous Sweets