Islamic Finance Guru
Collective Prosperity
Islamic Finance Guru (IFG) makes making money, wealth and finance management accessible to all Muslims. They want to get Muslim wealth working harder for individuals and the community by offering innovative financial products and access to in-depth and applicable knowledge.
Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Art Direction, Illustration, Social Media Templates, Animation, Web Design, Tone of Voice, Copywriting, Comms Templates, Brand Guidelines
IFG work to Level the financial playing field for Muslims across the world. Their aim is to close the financial gap by making Halal investing accessible and help make Muslims wealthier. Our strategy of 'Collective Prosperity' focused on how true prosperity isn’t just about personal financial stability. It’s also about looking after those around you, which is core to Muslim beliefs. We formed a new brand narrative around empowering Muslims to invest in their own futures, so the entire community can thrive. We distilled the brands focus around three pillars: personal wealth, making halal investing accessible and solving financial illiteracy.
To encourage and empower a new generation of entrepreneurial Muslims, we created an accessible and approachable identity. We developed a suite of core brand assets, including a vivid and fresh colour palette, whimsical illustration style and a distinct tone of voice which isn’t afraid to use self-depreciating humor as well as embolden and educate. This new brand is as comfortable and confident recording a podcast as it is going on an instagram live. We want every Muslim to feel at home with IFG so everyone can understand the world of islamic finance.