Believing in the power of women.
With a digital-first approach, Her is a contemporary Irish media brand that has evolved into a trusted presence for the next generation of changemakers with its perspectives on relationships, culture, health, sport, travel and beauty. The platform aims to redefine what it is to be an Irish woman and empower them through storytelling.
Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Art Direction, Illustration, Social Media Templates, Animation, Tone of Voice, Copywriting, Brand Guidelines
Her aims to help Irish women navigate identity in the modern world. Our strategy was to situate the brand securely amongst their audience and make sure that it engages with Irish women from diverse backgrounds and experiences. It was important that the brand we developed was inclusive, showing that there is strength in the diversity of our opinions and stories. The ‘sparking conversations’ strategy situates Her as a platform that gives a voice to all women but, importantly, allows the brand to become a platform for education and insightfulness through open conversation. Centered on three key beliefs of being curious, staying inspired and earning trust, the strategy balances dynamism and open-mindedness with integrity and security.
To make the voice of the brand accessible to as many Irish women as possible, we built a brand personality around the trope of the big sister and supportive friend. As an expert and a guide to modern life, this voice allows Her to sound knowledgeable without being intimidating. Approachable and familiar, the tone of voice critically invites dialogue. The graphic language we designed demonstrates the brand’s desire to start and engage in conversations with the logo that extends out into speech bubbles of different angular shapes that illustrates the brand's dynamism.