Excel Esports
In a league of their own
Everybody loves an underdog. That’s why, when British Esports team Excel became the surprise entry into the European League of Legends Championship Series - we built them a challenger brand poised for a new era of sporting greatness.
Strategic Repositioning, Brand Manifesto, Logo Mark, Visual Identity, Typographic Style, Colour Palette, Tagline and Hashtag, Animations, Video, Social Media Assets, Website Reskin.
Esports is a worldwide phenomenon, and soon to become a billion-dollar industry. Unlike you and your mate playing FIFA from the sofa, the Excel team were getting ready to take the European stage in one of the world’s most exclusive leagues. For their League of Legends debut, we conjured a rebrand that shook perceptions of the existing esports landscape, and created hype around a new breed of athletes.
Excel are team players, and supercharged by their people, their team and their fans. Momentum, upward trajectory and a fearless gameface formed the linchpins of our brand identity, with a light touch of Britishness to keep them close to home. Excel were the athletes of right now, so we took influence from the Gen Z streetwear brands like Nike and Beats we knew were of the moment.
The visual identity has been applied across kits, video graphics and within their immersive HQ at Twickenham Stadium. The high street retailer Game teamed up with Excel to create a branded training arena in their Oxford Street flagship store, and the team fortified their title as the name synonymous with British gaming.
“LoveGunn were absolutely fantastic to work with. The team really got into the heart of what our brand was all about and completely transformed our visual identity.”
Kieran Holmes-Darby
Managing Director, Excel Esports