Chelsea Football Club
Global Supporters Clubs
With over 120 official clubs across the globe, Chelsea were faced with a nail-biting catch-22: wanting to get behind an inclusive, thriving community of fans, whilst not letting the brand run away with them.
Brand Strategy, Tone of Voice, Brand Identity, Art Direction, Animation, Advertising, Sales Toolkits, Social Templates, Desktop Application.
Communication barriers and out-dated marketing materials were making for a messy brand identity, and a pretty urgent need to centralise all club content. We created an engagement experience that would bring fans closer to the club, whilst asserting their independence: a visual identity allowing each club to flaunt their own logo, and permission to feature the official club crest for the first time in CFC history.
Members play an evangelical role as ambassadors, converters and good-news-spreaders - which is why we labelled their loyalty ‘turning the world blue’. That influenced our art direction, copy and a distinctive new photography style revolving around those moments of celebration that unite a community. And for those on the outside looking in, we designed a range of information and promotional packs, tools and guides, so everyone could feel like a winner.
The beating heart of supporters clubs - the secretaries themselves - voiced that access to software was one of the biggest hurdles to brand cohesion. So, we created an innovative desktop application that solved the problem. A tool constantly updated with the latest club-approved assets, Club Secretaries can publish their own promotional content across Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, and print. Wrapped up in one easy-to-use system, we found a way for Chelsea to empower supporters from New York to Nepal and still stay true to the brand.