Beauty BLVD
Shine brighter
In case the words ‘shine bright like a diamond’ mean nothing to you, it’s a truism that adding a little *sparkle* to the way you look makes everything better. Instead of paying lip service to a new brand on the cosmetics scene, we channelled all the attitude of its founders to make sure it made a statement.
Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Voice, Packaging Design, Digital, Toolkits.
Beauty BLVD pioneered Glitter Lips to prove it’s always the right time to shine. But they needed to make sure the brand still kept its premium sparkle, and struck the right tone between fun and mature. For the women comfortable in their own skin, we created a loud brand that made self-expression something worth shouting about.
We created a female-first brand we knew would hit home with a modern female audience, and empower sisters everywhere to go bold with their look whenever they felt like it. Stacked, fearless and justified typography added extra sass to our already-out-there copy lines - unapologetic, humorous statements and wordplay guaranteed to bring a twinkle to the eye.
‘They took on the dragons and left them simmering whilst they walked out glistening'. If that’s not evocative of a modern fairytale, we don’t know what is. Beauty BLVD’s founders are here to watch their community of women boss life while looking the business, and we’re proud to have brought that personality to their visuals with a brand that’s ready to stand-up and stand-out.