Shining a light on the most influential generation yet - Gen Z and how brands are looking to engage with this new, digitally native and demanding audience.


Move over Millennials, the next ‘Gen’ is set to change the fandom game forever. Are brands ready to embrace this unique audience?


Typical, isn’t it? Just as you’ve mastered something a new version comes out - new skills required, new technology to master, new complexities to learn. For marketeers and brand managers the same rules apply when it comes to generational targeting. 

First we had the Baby Boomers and then Generation X. Easy enough. Things really got interesting with Millennials - they changed the industry forever. They weren’t just the first generation to grow up in a world of technology, they mastered it and then improved it. They had FOMO, the iPhone was their bae and they started sharing their life through the Gram....

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Gen Z is well on its way to becoming the largest generation (40% of all US customers) by the year 2020


Of Gen Z own smartphones


The average attention span of Gen Z is 8 seconds


74% of Gen Z spend 5 hours
or more per day online


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