The London Economic

The Voice of London

The London Economic is an independent digital newspaper supporting liberal, progressive, pro-European and pro-business viewpoints.


As a London newspaper catering for a genuine London mindset, they wanted to have a clearer tone of voice and brand positioning to reflect their journalistic stance. With an ambition to spread into new cities and become a true authority and voice for a metropolitan mindset.

We developed a new brand positioning called 'City Sense' which allows the brand to have a wide focus on city life whilst retaining a consistent tone of voice and journalistic stance. The new visual identity is created using punctuation marks to reflect the integrity of the platforms journalism, matched with a tonal colour palette, illustration style and art direction which combines to create a unified visual identity across multiple digital and print touchpoints.

Brand Strategy, Tone of Voice, Brand Identity, Art Direction, Illustration Style, Merchandise, Social Media Templates, Guidelines.


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