Branding for entrepreneurs

How we provide start-ups with strategic and creative thinking which gives them the platform for success.


Why a brand is much more than a logo –especially for start-ups.


Working with entrepreneurs and start-ups is one of the most exciting aspects of what we do. The challenge of bringing to life a new product or business idea is what gets us out of bed in a morning. However, all too often one of the biggest challenges we face is demonstrating why having a strong brand proposition is so important – especially to people who believe their product or service speaks for itself.

We admire passion and commitment but without a strong brand proposition start ups just won’t get cut through regardless of how great the product or idea is.

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Who is your brand? We know a brand isn’t a person but try and look at it like it is as people buy people. You need to work out what your brand personality is. 


What do you do? Talking about what you actually do isn’t necessarily the most important thing but talking about the things that will resonate with them is. It could be price, quality or convenience but it’s far more likely to be how it makes them feel. 


Why do you do what you do? This is all about knowing what your objectives are and what success looks like to you. 


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