Brand workshops

Why brand workshops are the critical first step in any creative process


At LoveGunn your brand strategy begins with an in-person brand workshop with the key stakeholders of your business.


This way we can execute a thorough 360° analysis of your business, including everything from business KPIs to social media activity. From these roots, we seed ideas and grow creative based on our findings.

If you're about to embark on a brand project, make sure you set yourself up for success from the start...

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LoveGunn’s approach to ‘brand’ is one that every company should undertake. We started working with LoveGunn on the lead up to a business restructure across our group. By attending one of their Brand Workshops, we were able to clearly identify what direction we were taking the business, the potential problems that we would face but also the exciting opportunities that could open up to us. 


Their ability to breakdown a complex business strategy, understand our objectives and then provide a simple but impactful brand framework, messaging platform and visual identity for the new brands is something others failed to do.


Add to this their ability to create stunning work too and it’s a recipe for something amazing. They’re really easy to work with, which is has been a real plus during the creative process and brand development. I have recommended LoveGunn to other business owners in my network and will continue working with the guys as we grow the brand and move forwards. 

Lee Wilcox,
CEO On The Tools


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