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TVR - Resurrecting a British motoring icon

Resurrected, repatriated and now re-positioned, we’ve taken TVR on a branding journey to rediscover the spirit of driving and capture what it means to get behind the wheel of one of these outrageous and charismatic sports cars.

With the new Griffith car being revealed at the 2017 Goodwood Revival, TVR needed a consistent brand narrative to align the business and creative direction as well as a refreshed look and feel, having been out of the game for over 10 years.

Through a series of strategic and brand workshops the brand truth was found; TVR isn’t a car, it’s an idea, a purist's manifesto of what driving should be.

We pushed this idea to its extremes and created an immersive brand world, inspired by the raw and expressive British counter-culture movements of Brutalism and Punk. A juxtaposed approach to other sports car brands, who feature polished cars driven along sea view vistas by equally polished gentlemen.

The new brand is bold, loud, rebellious and unapologetic.

Deliverables: Brand identity, Strategic brand development, Tone of voice, Brand world, Logo re-draw, Brand guidelines, Templates, Stationery, Art direction, Advertising.